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Colour Insights

At NextGenLeaders we use a personality test involving four colours to suggest roles and responsibilities within the teams.

Each changemaker completes a quick activity where they identify six characteristics, they feel are their strongest qualities. This will then highlight their colour, it could be blue, red, green, or yellow. This colour will then highlight a key role such as project leader, community engagement or content creator.

This activity will help changemakers to play to their strengths as well as help recognise areas in need of development throughout their changemaker journey.

For more information, take the test

The Red personality type is a lively and ambitious person. They have large goals in life and are tenacious in striving to achieve them. Reds keep going, pushing harder and giving up less frequently than other types. This enables then to meet goals others may perceive as unrealistic. They have copious amounts of confidence and self-belief which enables them to achieve greatness and never give up.


A Yellow personality type is a happy and positive person. Their can-do attitude enables them to see the good in everyone and every situation that comes their way. Yellows are reliable for maintaining a proactive attitude and finding light in the darkest of times. They thrive in situations where they are spending time around people and are able to think abstractly with ease.



A Green personality type is a calm and collected person. They are generally quite introspective and interested in understanding more about people. Greens have a strong sense of morality and are able to understand other people's feelings. Greens may need assurance from their family and friends. Greens are often the ones individuals come to for advice because they have a perceptive take on situations.


A blue personality is someone who enjoys having all the facts presented them, but also will hone in on the details. They are frequently kind and compassionate.  They may have difficulty making decisions due to their desire to ensure they’re doing the correct thing. Blues can be prone to passiveness, and they might struggle to assert themselves.

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