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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is NextGenLeaders unique?

NextGenLeaders offers project ideation so young people feel empowered to make a positive difference within their local communities. Along the journey, we offer sessions with key stakeholders and charities so the changemakers become cohesive citizens through developing an understanding of the issues that need to be challenged. We are unique as we offer an in-depth understanding of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals as this is a vital part of education along with activities based around social impact matrices to ensure our changemakers implement impactful projects. We are proud to say that our changemakers create sustainable projects that support positive behavioural change across the full range of SDGs.

What does the programme cost?

The programme is currently free for all schools enrolled. We even offer means-tested project funding for schools that need the most support.

What does a programme year look like?

A programme year is designed around the academic calendar. See this in action here.

What can the changemakers do a project about?

The changemakers can do a project about any issue that is affecting their local community that they feel passionately about. The people that their project is helping have to be within the local community and outside of the school or college. We encourage our changemakers to discuss and research topics that they feel passionately about by using resources like our issue cards.

What is the level of commitment?

We need a member of staff to be involved in supervising sessions and to be available for the programme manager to contact. We recommend that teams meet with their supervising staff member at least bi-weekly to check in on progress and propel the project forward. Find out more about this by reading our MOU.

Why are you based in Yorkshire?

We have identified Yorkshire as a social mobility coldspot with a growing demand for positive interventions both from the community and changemaker's perspective. 

How can my school get involved?

To get your school involved in the programme get in touch with us today to find out if you meet our eligibility criteria, please contact Sarah Steel at

What age are the changemakers who are involved in your programme?

We encourage changemakers to enroll on our programme from KS3 onwards. Our research has shown that the earlier that a young person interacts with our programme, the more likely they are to experience positive educational outcomes as a result. 

Why is there a competition?

Competition is an integral part of our programme because it encourages the changemakers to create meaningful projects and learn from best practice. 

How many changemakers can be involved?

We recommend that there are between 6 and 12 changemakers per team, ideally working in mixed age groups. You can have multiple teams per school provided that the member of staff has the capacity to oversee.

What resources do you offer to support projects?

NextGenLeaders will support levelling up your school's social action by providing resources (introducing changemakers to local issues and the UN SDGs) and support (by encouraging attendance at our events and providing a Programme Manager).


How can the programme support the school's Careers Lead?

Our programme is aligned to the Gatsby Benchmarks and offers positive interactions with employers from day one. We support our changemakers in aligning their skills and interests to achievable careers goals which maximise their potential by encouraging personality testing and highlighting green careers.

What are your safeguarding policies?

It is mandatory for all changemakers to be escorted by a member of staff from the school/college to and from the event. Schools must supply their own First Aid at events and not allow changemakers to contact our supporters directly. Any safeguarding concerns should be escalated directly to Sarah Steel (Designated Safeguarding Lead) at

If we haven't answered your question, please do contact us and we are most happy to help. 

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