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Guidance for Event Attendees

Parent/Guardians have been informed that the Enactus UK charity briefs all partner organisations and Enactus university student attendees that, since the school students are (generally) under the age of 18, we ask that they are not left alone together in a private place. The charity stipulates that it is not necessary that a student is ever working in private with an employee/Enactus student mentor. Enactus UK cannot accept students to its events without full and appropriate teacher support/supervision from leaving school to safe return.


Partner organisations are also made aware of Enactus UK’s Child Protection / Safeguarding Policy and all partner employees and Enactus students are expected to adhere to this policy whilst hosting work experience students. This is available on our website General advice to partner employees and Enactus university students also includes:


  • Please do not provide your contact details to any students or share any personal details about yourself.

  • Please do not request any contact details from any students. Do not encourage them to use social media in anyway, always direct to websites for more information about your project/organisation.

  • Please refrain from taking personal photographs. Although students are asked to sign personal approval forms for photography at this event this will be undertaken by an Enactus UK staff member. Photographs can be provided on request when approved.

  • Always make your comments and suggestions in a positive manner – never negative or critical. Ask the changemakers questions such as ‘Have you thought about X?’ if concerned about feasibility, encouraging them to come up with them on answers. • Always consider the capacity, capability, and resources available to the students when making suggestions – make reasonable and achievable suggestions.

  • Refrain from cynical or sarcastic comments and jokes. Never use offensive language and make all your comments age-relevant (youngest attendees are aged 10/11).

  •  We want the changemakers to feel empowered to share any relevant anecdotes during the day while they are discussing. Please do not encourage them to share any information that they are not comfortable with or promise confidentiality. If one of these comments concern you, please escalate this word for word to the relevant teacher and to the relevant Programme Manager.

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