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Community Engagement

What areas could my project tackle?

  • Social isolation 

  • Street safety 

  • Homelessness

  • Championing marginalised communities

  • Creating equal opportunities

  • Hate crime

  • Hygiene poverty

  • Healthy relationships

  • Recreational spaces

  • Graffiti

Why are these areas important?

Communities are the backbone of safety and wellbeing in every local area across the UK. However, every community will have its own strengths and areas for development. Consider where your community is located and who makes up the majority of the population. Are there any members of the community who are marginalised, and do not have a voice? What could you do to support people who are overcoming challenges in your local community?

Addressing Period Poverty

Example 'one person' you could help

girl with period pains.jpg

Priya Khan is a 13 year old who has recently started her period. However, her mum passed away when she was 4 and she only lives with her dad and younger brother. Priya doesn't feel confident talking to her dad about her periods, and feels anxious that the school nurse will call home. Therefore, she has been struggling with a heavy flow and cramps which has left her struggling to concentrate in class. Priya desperately needs educating about menstruation and access to sustainable period products and pain relief.

Example project to support Priya:

Priya would benefit from a project designed to help girls from single parent households with period poverty. The intervention offered to her needs to go beyond simply supplying period products and more enabling 'big sister' style conversations to support Priya with any gaps in knowledge she may have. Additionally, if there were older students available to help Priya with the school work she has missed as a result of her painful periods. Additionally, while Priya feels shameful about menstruation it is a completely natural part of life that through opening up conversations with men who have daughters to break down the stigma. 


How would this result in positive behavioural change?

This project could result in positive behavioural change by educating Priya and her support network about periods. This will mean that Priya no longer has to suffer in silence and can access the support she needs without fear.

How would a project like this be sustainable?

By using sustainable period products and using a sustainable financial model where a girl in need receives free/subsidised products this project could transform the perception of periods within Priya's community. 

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