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Yearly Overview


Half Term #1 - Critical Thinking

Use our issue cards to analyse and evaluate problems that are facing your local community. Discover the team’s passions and skills to guide the team’s next steps. Use your research skills to carry out primary and secondary research to inform your project plans.

26/09/23 - Connect Event

Half Term #2 - Engage and Inquire

Consider why the issue you have identified has not been resolved before. Discover more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and learn what meaningful impact looks like using the Social Impact Matrices and SDG sub-targets. Begin to develop relationships with your project partners to carry out needs assessments.

08/11/23 – Green Careers Fair

24/11/23 – Project Accelerator

Half Term #3 - Imagining

Explore the differences between one-off interventions and a sustainable solution. Develop your empathy by considering what your beneficiary may be experiencing. Enhance your creativity by imagining how you will successfully implement your project in your local community. Trial your project and respond with improvements.

01/02/24 - Community Impact Project Den 

Half Term #4 - Impact

Responding to your project’s trial, begin to make an impact. Get out into your local community and implement your solution ensuring you are measuring your achievements. Collecting data and testimonials in this phase will give your project the upper edge as you enter the celebration phase.

07/03/24 – International Women's Day

20/03/24 – Sustainability Project Den

Half Term #5 - Celebration

This is where the competition starts! You will have the chance to present your project to a panel of judges at our annual celebration event. The best projects will have made a sustainable impact in their local community by implementing a creative solution that understands their beneficiary’s needs and encourages positive behavioural change.

24/04/24 - Celebration Event 

Half Term #6 - Reflect

You will have worked tremendously hard this year so it’s time to reflect on all of that. Use your feedback from our panel of judges to develop your project further. Enhance your knowledge of sustainability and develop your project to the next level.

18/06/24 – Summer Action

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