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Technology for Good

What areas could my project tackle?

  • Dangerous driving

  • The digital divide

  • Cyberbullying

  • Financial literacy

  • Public health

  • Improving communication

  • Hygiene poverty

  • Preventing substance misuse

  • Household efficiency 

  • Preparing for the future

Why are these areas important?

The technology that we have developed will shape our world for better or worse. Technology for good projects set out on a mission to utilise technology to improve the lives of others. If issues such as the digital divide and cyberbullying continue to be neglected then we will face 

Addressing Cyber Bullying

Example 'one person' you could help

Screenshot 2023-08-11 144759.jpg

Joseph Webber is a 17 year old who has recently come out as LGBTQ+ via an Instagram story. However, his peers have met him with animosity online and have been posting hate comments, death threats and even creating fake accounts pretending to be Joseph. Despite telling a tutor, the school have told Joseph and his parents it is out of their control as it is all happening online. Joseph's family don't know how to properly report the bullying that Joseph is experiencing and Joseph is starting to feel anxious about leaving the house.

Example project to support Joseph:

Joseph would benefit from a project designed to help connect LGBTQ+ youth together, and educate him and his family about online safety. The intervention offered could be centered around preventative measures, as empowering Joseph to become an agent for change. The Cyber Guardians created their own board game to educate young children and their families about online safety, this would help prevent young people from becoming cyber bullies and guide the victims to help. 

How would this result in positive behavioural change?

By educating Joseph and his family about methods to report and increase his privacy settings, Joseph can begin to gain some control back over his life and online presence. Through using mindfulness techniques and connecting with young people in a similar situation Joseph can begin to feel like he belongs to a community and help others.


How would a project like this be sustainable?

Through developing a resource which can be showcased and played in a community setting, such as a library or religious group, the positive lessons taught by this project could be endless. 

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